Ls2 Mx437 Crusher Rouge Motocross Helmetotorbike Off Road Pit Dirt Atv Quad

Ls2 Mx437 Crusher Rouge Motocross Helmetotorbike Off Road Pit Dirt Atv Quad

Ls2 Mx437 Crusher Rouge Motocross Helmetotorbike Off Road Pit Dirt Atv Quad

LS2 MX437 CRUSHER ROUGE MOTOCROSS HELMETOTORBIKE OFF ROAD PIT DIRT ATV?? LS2 is always looking ahead. This is the only way to make history and go far. Investing in R&D is like stepping on the gas.

It enables us to do two things: to go faster than others and to have more followers. Breaking ground in order to be a benchmark. We are driven by passion.

Technicians, engineers and designers give their best to get the best from our helmets. Our aim is our customers. We operate in a global market and our presence is worldwide.

Such a diverse range of goals poses no obstacle. Wherever there are customers, LS2 will reach them to give them what they are looking for. All this is an on-going journey, and there are no pit stops: from work to quality and from quality to success. Our way of thinking and doing.

LS2's Fast EVO is a technically advanced weapon for serious off road riders. The shell is made from LS2's proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA).

This innovative material is ultra-light weight and offers a bit of energy absorbing flexibility, but with a penetration resistance that rivals high-end composites. The wide eye port accommodates most major brands of goggles. Intake and exhaust ports ensure plenty of ventilation to keep you cool, whether during a long moto, an enduro, or a long day on the trail. Agréé ECE 22.05 1150 ±50 2XS-3XL. Les visières LS2 sont construites en polycarbonate 3D de classe A optiquement correct, un polymère de l'ère spatiale à haute résistance aux chocs, qui évite la distorsion et offre une clarté maximale.

Pour assurer une bonne protection, le casque doit s'adapter parfaitement à votre tête, une attention particulière doit être portée à la conception de la forme de la coque et aux matériaux afin de minimiser les effets d'un éventuel impact. Il est essentiel d'obtenir un ajustement parfait à votre tête de l'extérieur vers l'intérieur, ainsi que la coque, la configuration de la doublure en EPS, qui devrait correspondre étroitement à la forme de la tête humaine. Système de déverrouillage d'urgence. Plaque de sécurité en métal.

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Ls2 Mx437 Crusher Rouge Motocross Helmetotorbike Off Road Pit Dirt Atv Quad